To all of you that love Karate as we do, I would like to share the secret of enjoyment of karate and its coolness.

MUGENKAI Karate ~Fight not only with our physical strength, Fight with wisdom.

First of all, Karate is for everyone that pursue self betterment, not for the few geniuses.

”Be strong” it is not something that few people are simply born with. It consists of a few fundamental parts. Each one of us train and improve each part little by little, and certainly one can achieve it. In my own pursuit of it, I have personally gone through the difficulties of having an average Japanese build, small and a short reach, and having to win two world karate tournaments, where most of my opponents had absurdly different build - with bigger muscles ,longer reach, and naturally strong springs.

One with a physical disadvantage can only win the fight using our knowledge, strategy, and wisdom. That is why Japanese have developed the techniques of rational use of the body, and also that is where the fundamental spirit of ”BUDO” - “small can beat big” derives from.

On that foundation, we have been pursuing the ideal techniques - without fighting the direct force and with rational use of the body to avoid being hurt - , the perfection of Karate, adapting a variety of techniques and ideas, new and old.

We would like to share updated version of Karate as hybrid martial arts that consist of both traditional and advanced set of skills.

Karate is not only the mystic art of the east but also the fruitful achievement of modern mechanics and human engineerings.

There are too many styles and schools of Karate as they say “one person, one school”.

It is critical whether you can find your ideal, perfect style to follow for fear you could waste hundreds of hours of your precious time pursuing the style you don’t want in the end. As a proverb says, “It takes a good three years to find a good teacher.” It is very important to take time and research, seek, and try out training until you meet your ideal style and a good teacher.

It would be my great honor to find you here, and if you choose to keep training with us after you try out our instruction videos.

Introduction video


Techniques using punches

straight right punch
Left straight punch
Left jab
The left hook
The left uppercut
The right hook
The right uppercut


Techniques using kicks

Knee kick
Front kick - Mae Geri
The middle roundhouse kick - Chudan Mawashi Geri
Upper roundhouse kick - Jodan Mawashi Geri
Lower roundhouse kick - Gedan Mawashi Geri
Front leg roundhouse kick - Mae Mawashi Geri
Front leg roundhouse kick - Mae Mawashi Geri


grappling technique

Takedown with pulling motion by both hands
Using the reaction of the opponent
The knee kicking by the neck clinch
Striking knee kick on clutch
Middle kicks on clutch
The lower heel kick on clutch
“Oosoto Gari” without reaping motion